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Filling the Fashion Gap for Teens & Petite Adults

Whilst teenage girls may be happy to raid mum's wardrobe, teenage boys find themselves rummaging the small sizes in the mens wear section for firstly, something that fits and secondly, something that they feel comfortable wearing. When all else fails they default to the trusty sweat pants or board shorts neither of which are remotely flattering on young men. 

There is no other time in life when a person will undergo such physical and psychological change driving an instinctive need to feel understood, included and good about oneself than adolescence. Studies have continued to demonstrate that correlation between dressing smart and feelings of self efficacy and worth both leading to greater personal and professional opportunities throughout life.

myStreetThreads was born from a vision to create a fashion identity for these eight transitional years from child to adult where childrens’ clothing designs are too “immature” and adult clothing too “mature”. 

myStreetThreads aims to reinvigorate smart casual by providing a collection that transitions easily from a night at the movies, to a trip to the beach, a dinner out or just hanging with friends.

myStreetThreads have selected brands, Soeur and Hartford that seamlessly Segway children sizes into adult sizes to ensure a full size and style range.  myStreetThreads is the long awaited answer for young ladies and petite women and boys aged 8 plus.

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